The Positives and Negatives about Chain Link Fences

Chain Link Fences

A popular choice for homeowners, the chain link fence has been around since 1844. Developed to mimic the cloth weaving technique of the time, the diamond shape of the wires as they come together has become one of the most trusted and versatile fencing materials available. Here are a few positive and negative things you may not know about this modern version of a hundred and seventy-three-year-old standard.

A Name is Only a Name

Chain link fences are known for withstanding hurricane force winds and cyclone energy waters. For that reason, they are often called hurricane fencing, cyclone fencing or storm fencing. Additionally, the diamond shape of the netting lends itself to the names diamond fencing and wire netting. No matter the name, these fences can withstand almost any weather condition.


Maintenance Required

You may have heard how maintenance free a chain link fence is; and when compared to other types of fencing materials that certainly is true. It is not completely maintenance free, however. Dust and dirt collect on the diamond frames of the fence and need to be removed with a low-pressure wash at least once a year. If covered in high-grade paint, it may require cleaning twice a year and repainted once the paint starts to peel.


Coloring Now Available

A vinyl coating can be applied to the wire mesh to add color to the chain link fabric. The covering comes in three types and varies in durability and ability to withstand harsh weather.  Powder coating is also available in which electrostatic bonding applies polyester to the wire mesh and leaves a colorful scratch resistant surface. Once the coating begins to peel, however, it is complicated to repair.


Decision Making

Now you know both the positive and negative facts surrounding the chain link fence. As one of the most durable fencing materials available, your fence can stand for many years to come.  All you need to do is arrange the installation and choose a color.