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As one of the leading commercial fence companies in the Tri-state area, Northern Fence knows its way about sport fences, chain link and other options. Our team loves working with commercial clients and will work with you to find a fencing solution for your space and budget. We know that our commercial clients usually are looking for two main things. First, they want a fence that will provide the security or usability that they want from their fence. Second, they do not want to pay an arm and a leg for the fence. So, at Northern Fence, we will work with you to find a fencing solution that works with both.

Sport Fences

Sport fences have been one of our specialties at Northern Fence, and we love it. Whether we are doing a school, community field or something else, we can deliver a sporting fence that will last a lifetime. From home runs to a golazo, our sport fences allow your favorite past times to happen safely. 

Baseball Backstop
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As big baseball fans, Northern Fence knows a thing or two about building the perfect baseball or softball backstop. For these projects, we use Master Halco materials and bring our top teams to engineer and install these backstops. Not only are they designed to keep balls in the park, but our backstops will stand the test of time and look great for years to come. 

Multi-Purpose Fields
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Northern Fence has been the local go-to option for multi-purpose field fencing for years, from soccer to football and everything in between. As big sports fans, we love working with local community fields and schools to install these much-needed fences to keep more balls in play. We can easily work with landscapers or installers and will ensure that the fences will look great and work for the community that is investing in local sport. 

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We are so proud to work with some of the top commercial and sport fencing brands for our jobs. Whether you are looking for safety netting, backstops, or fences, we have you covered. For our safety netting, we work with Sports Fields Specialties that have designed and installed thousands of safety nets that keep spectators safe while keeping great sight lines. While for our backstops, we work directly with Master Halco, who has designed one of the best backstops in the country that are used by over 10,000 fields and counting. 

A black chain link fence photographed from a creative perspective to give the image depth.

Our Master Halco commercial chain link is one of our nicest fencing options. Whether you are looking to chain off your office or anywhere else, we can help. The benefits of chain link are endless, and as a cost-effective and secure fencing material, you will be hard-pressed to find a better option at the cost of chain link.

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For those looking for the next level up in terms of security, a commercial aluminum fence from Master Halco may be the right choice. Aluminum fences are secure and durable and provide a wide range of options, including strict privacy. So, no matter what you have in mind, Northern Fence may have the perfect aluminum fence ready to be installed.

Ornamental Steel Fence

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If you want a more design-focused fence, ornamental steel fencing may be the right choice for you. These fences not only look great, but also provide a level of protection and security that you should expect from a commercial-grade fence.

Service Area

Although we call Yorktown Heights, NY home...

Our team is proud to service the broader Northeast corridor. On the residential side, our team can service the following communities: Fairfield County, Westchester County, Putnam County, and Dutchess County. While on the commercial side, we can assist in the following states: Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania. 

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