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Fall protection and handrails are so important these days

At Northern Fence we love installing these essential pieces of hardware for our clients. It is why we have invested within our team to produce and install leading handrails that are functional and look great. From classic aluminum to wrought iron, we can find that ideal handrail looks for your specific designs in mind. Plus, with our state-of-the-art installation methods, your handrail will be safe and secure to ensure your family, guests or clients can enter and exit your property without a tumble. 


We are proud to carry a long range of options for our handrails. Whether we are looking to install on top of a deck, down a flight of stairs or anywhere else, our handrails are designed to be durable, stable, and, most of all, secure.


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Aluminum has long been the first choice for handrails due to its lightweight but secure functionality for steps and inclines. Aluminum is a lightweight material, yet it can still easily withstand the tough winters. Plus, with an assortment of styles and colors, an aluminum handrail may be the best option for your space.

Wrought Iron


Long considered the fancier handrail options, wrought iron looks fantastic and can last for years on end. Often used on estate homes or larger properties, wrought iron is making a comeback with its easy maintenance and long-lasting style. You can easily paint this rigid material and make it an actual feature of your property with a little splash of color or keep it traditional with black.


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Vinyl has seen an increase in popularity over the years as its durable and cost-effective nature makes it appealing to the masses. Vinyl is designed to deal with our harsh climate and will age slowly while not cracking or showing damage. Today's vinyl handrails are unlike those in the 80s and have seen vast improvements over what your mom might think vinyl or PVC can deliver for outdoor use.

Cable Rail

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Cable rail is an attractive and modern handrail solution used often in homes with kids or pets. Small cables are run up and down the support columns to create a pseudo wall, while the top rail is either wood, vinyl or another material. Cable rail is extremely popular, and we can source cable from BuyRailings, that is designed to withstand even the worst weather.


Northern Fence works with the top brands and suppliers in the handrail industry. We proudly provide these directly from the factory and wholesale pricing to our great customers.


Eastern Wholesale Fence

Eastern Wholesale Fence is one of the top handrail suppliers in the Northeast and acts as a wholesaler and supplier. We have worked with them for years and have a great relationship with their management to ensure we can get the best price every time.


Interstate Wholesale Fence

Interstate Wholesale Fence is known for its diverse product mix, including everything from aluminum to wood. The company has been serving the Northeast since 1987 and has over 55 fence styles to find that custom option you want.

Service Area

Although we call Yorktown Heights, NY home...

Our team is proud to service the broader Northeast corridor. On the residential side, our team can service the following communities: Fairfield County, Westchester County, Putnam County, and Dutchess County. While on the commercial side, we can assist in the following states: Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania. 

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Whether you are looking for handrails for looks or fall protection, the team at Northern Fence is here for you. Call us today and see why Northern Fence is the number one choice for handrails in the Tri-State Area.