Wrought Iron Gates and Fences Are in Style Again

Wrought iron brings timeless elegance and beauty to the property they are included on. Whether it is a rail up the steps of a home, a fence surrounding the front of the property, or a magnificent gate, few things can add such a classic touch to your property. Not only can the beautifully stylish iron-work be a lovely addition to your home, studies show that wrought iron gates can also deter possible home intruders. Here are just a couple of reasons that wrought iron is in style again.


Although the olden-day iron fences and gates were lovely, there are many new designs that can fit into your home’s style. Whether you want the fence and gate to secure a walkway in front of your home or to signify a walking path on your property, the fencing can be designed to your specifications. Since the iron is strong and durable, wrought iron gates often require little maintenance to normal weather conditions and have been known to last for over 100 years.


Since ironwork is timeless, the construction of wrought iron is popular for use on banisters and staircases to add a Spanish feel or painted in your favorite color to add a touch of whimsy to your home. Inside doors made of wrought iron allowing entrance into atriums or greenhouses are also popular as they allow airflow but are still secure from intruders. Homeowners love knowing they can enhance airflow and still feel safe when they leave an entryway door open that is secured by wrought iron.

Your home may be your biggest investment, so why not make a statement to anyone approaching your property. Wrought iron gates and fences can not only make a striking impression, but they can also add value to your home for many years to come. Contact an iron works company today and see the large selection of modern styles they can create in a yesteryear material.