How To Avoid Residential Fence Damage From Animals

Red squirrel, Sciurus vulgaris, smelling a leaf on top of a fenceWhile “good fences make good neighbors,” according to the old saying, that does not  always take into account those neighbors from the animal kingdom that may like to visit your yard from time to time. Common fence damage problems to a wood fence or chain link fence are often the result of animal damage.


A wood fence can incur damage from an array of furry offenders, including your beloved Fido. Digging beneath can compromise the fence’s strength, making it easier for individual planks to be loosened and, eventually, fractured or broken off. If there is any rotted or weakened spot in the wood, animals can easily gnaw through to create an opening. Wildlife such as raccoons and foxes can also create common fence damage problems such as this. Of course, having a chain link fence does not mean it cannot be chewed through. Wildlife such as squirrels can actually chew their way through metal fencing, as well.


To prevent animal damage in the first place, be sure your fences are well-maintained. For a wood fence, keep it stained and protected from the elements to prevent sogginess in the wood and potential rotting. Weak spots created from this are magnets for both domestic and wild creatures. Make sure there are no slats that are loose that can be moved or broken with a little prodding. A chain link fence needs to be tested regularly for loose or missing links and repaired immediately to minimize damage. Check the bottom to ensure there are no bent sections. When having either type of fence installed, choose extended heights and have them inserted as deep as possible into the ground to keep them anchored and harder to dig beneath.


If you notice unexplained destruction, chewing, broken sections or other common fence damage problems with your chain link or wood fence, give us a call to avoid larger issues. At Northern Fence we’re happy to answer any and all of your questions so call us or click here for a quote.