Pool Fence Requirements And Regulations

IMG_0201While it may be cold and icy, now is actually the best time to plan for spring construction. If you’re thinking about installing a pool, you should also be thinking about installing a fence.


When it comes to owning a pool, there are certain rules and restrictions laid down by the state in terms of fencing and signage. These rules are for both residential and public pools so it is important for homeowners to understand them. Depending on where you live, your state may require that outdoor pools have a barrier. This includes in-ground, aboveground, and onground pools.


Building code requires that a pool fence in Connecticut or New York be at least four feet high. There must be no more than a 2-inch gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground. The fencing should not include any protrusions or indentations.


If there is a pool gate, the gap between the horizontal pieces should be less than 45”. If the structure includes both diagonal and vertical pieces, that gap can’t be bigger than 1.75” wide. If a chain link pool fence is used, the mesh size can’t be larger than 2.25 inch squares. If there are any openings in the fence, residential pool barriers should be less than 4” but public pools are smaller at 2”.


Keep in mind that most municipalities in the area will utilize the state requirements for pool fence and gate guidelines. However, there could be exceptions to the rule so checking the local city and county requirements are essential to make sure the fence is in compliance.


A backyard pool fence should take into consideration not only safety, but also the desired level of privacy. If there are people living nearby, a privacy fence may be the most appropriate option. An area that gets a lot of traffic may also be a place to consider a security fence or pool gate. If the pool is specially built, an ornamental fence could be used to showcase the area.


There are plenty of options available in both style and materials for those looking to build a pool fence. As you begin to make your plans for spring construction, contact a fencing specialist like us at Northern Fencing, who can help you determine the right fencing choice for you pool. We can also ensure that the proper rules are followed to adhere to state and area restrictions. For a free quote, click here.