Fence Design Ideas For Your Home

Cute picket fenceFences function in a variety of ways, and are often a necessary yard feature for homeowners. Fences can act as barriers between properties, as a way to separate your yard from the street, to provide privacy, or to be decorative – acting as curtains do for a theater – setting the stage for you home. Whatever their purpose, they need to suit your property and be professionally installed. Oftentimes, a fence needs to provide several functions in order to be a good fit for your house. There are many fence design ideas, and there are pros and cons to each type of material used in their construction.


Styles of Fence

Fences are installations that are seen not only by you and those who reside with you, but also by neighbors and passersby. Residential fencing sets the tone of your property, and so choosing a style that is both functional and attractive is desirable. Picket, split-rail, shadowbox, dog ear, and gothic are some of the more popular styles, but they only scratch the surface of the options on the market.


Types of Fencing

Different fences serve different needs, and residential fencing often needs to fulfill more than one need. A yard fence is specifically for establishing the boundaries of your property, while privacy fences obstruct your property from prying eyes. Sometimes you need a garden fence to set your plot apart and protect it. As a fencing contractor we will be able to help you determine what type is best for your home.


Pros and Cons of Fence Types

There are a variety of materials that can be incorporated into residential fencing. Some of the more popular options include aluminum, wrought iron, wood, and vinyl. Aluminum is not very strong and offers little security, but is virtually maintenance free and can look like any other type. Wrought iron is strong and attractive, but requires constant upkeep, and can be expensive. Wood is the most popular, relatively inexpensive, and can provide privacy. Vinyl may cost more upfront, but it is strong, flexible, and requires next to no maintenance.


With so many fence design ideas to choose from, selecting the right one for you may seem a little overwhelming. At Northern Fence we can help narrow down your selection and make sure that it is installed correctly. The right fence can enhance the beauty of your property, and increase the value and functionality of your land. Call us or click here for a quote.